About Us

We stand for trust, reliability, expertise, consistent quality and excellent customer care.

We produce high-quality growing solutions for global modern horticulture. We acknowledge the future challenge of feeding an increasing population with limited natural resources. Our strategy is to be part of the solution by being the forerunner in horticultural food production globally.

Founded in 1924, Kekkilä is rooted in the Nordics, abundant with clean natural resources suitable for safe food production. Since the beginning, our guiding principle has been the wellbeing of plants and people.

We are part of Kekkilä Group, the leading Nordic manufacturer of substrates which specializes in the development, manufacturing and marketing high-end substrates, mulches and fertilisers for professional growers, landscapers as well as home gardeners.

We at Kekkilä are passionate about roots and growing. We believe in strong partnership and work with you to nourish and foster your business. Our mission is to be your most trusted partner in growth. That is why we develop and produce growing solutions that you can trust.

We work for long-lasting relationships with our customers, and believe that good customer service is as personal and smooth as possible. This is why every single one of our distributors has an appointed customer service adviser. The adviser oversees the entire order process, from order through shipping to arrival. Your adviser can help you to resolve any issues.

Growing together

Kekkilä Professional growing solutions are made from carefully selected raw materials and their quality is exceptionally consistent, ensuring excellence in every bale.

Generations of growers globally have set their trust in us because they know our prodcuts to be of the best standard – safe for their plants and secure for their business. Growers depend on us to supply them with the means for consistent growth. As one of the biggest producers in global professional horticulture, we have the responsibility to deliver safe and reliable, premium quality solutions for our customers.

Our portfolio offers you a multitude of choices, from types of peat to structure, fertiliser levels, and additional raw materials such as perlite or clay. The dust-removed products are a result of a unique Kekkilä screening process, which reduces fine dust particles and avoids oversized particles that complicate the filling of pots. This secures low production loss rates and high output rates, both technically and economically.

From Kekkilä Professional you can be sure to find a substrate that works perfectly with your plants, in your specific growing conditions and yields optimal, uniform results.

If you have any questions, please contact the export manager for your region.


Southeastern Europe, Middle East and Africa

Rafael de AraozTel. +34 931 180 530
Mobile +34 663 473 132

Southern Europe, Latin America, Maghreb and Mexico

Michaël VandevoordeTel. +34 931 180 530
Mobile +34 648 094 822

Central and Eastern Europe, Asia-Pacific

Peter BalintTel. +358 20 790 4881peter.balint(at)kekkila.fi


Alexander KovachevichMobile +358 44 239 8811alexander.kovachevich(at)kekkila.com

Northern Europe and North America

Olli-Matti ToivanenTel. +358 20 790 4809olli-matti.toivanen(at)kekkila.fi

Finland and Baltics

Jarmo HartikainenTel. +358 20 790 6440
Mobile +358 40 020 0354

Norway and Närpes area in Finland

Rolf WesterholmMobile +358 40 740 7429rolf.westerholm(at)kekkila.fi

Customer service

You can reach our customer service from export(at)kekkila.com

Tel. +358 20 790 4910