All plant nutrients are essential for optimal growth

All plant need multiple types of nutrients to grow. However, they do not need equal amounts of the different nutrients. In this article we cover different types of nutrients and the importance of these nutrients to optimal plant growth.

Role of wetting agents

A wetting agent facilitates the uptake of water during initial wetting and optimises the movement of water in the substrate which improves the re-wetting of over-dry plants.

Mould in peat, what to do?

Sometimes, in certain temperatures, water condensates between the peat bale and the plastic wrapping creating conditions that allow fungal growth. You may see white mould or yellow or orange powdery like growth on the surface of the peat. These fungi are not harmful to plants.

How long is the starter fertiliser effective?

We add our own starter fertiliser to Kekkilä Professional substrates to secure the basic nutrient levels. It is very important to compensate the nutrients that plants take from the substrate. The plants’ needs vary depending on plant type and species, pot size, irrigation and local conditions such as season and climate.

Peat, the supreme substrate raw material

The main raw material in Kekkilä Professional substrates is first-rate White or Brown Sphagnum peat which is harvested from our own bogs. This article covers the main advantages of peat in substrates.