How to check moisture content within the substrate

It's crucial for optimal growth to have the right moisture content within the substrate, right from the start. Read this article to find out how to conduct a simple moisture level check by hand.

Mould in peat, what to do?

Sometimes, in certain temperatures, water condensates between the peat bale and the plastic wrapping creating conditions that allow fungal growth. You may see white mould or yellow or orange powdery like growth on the surface of the peat. These fungi are not harmful to plants.

Coarse, medium or fine – different fraction substrates

Loose substrates can be divided roughly into three different types according to fraction size or grade: coarse, medium coarse and fine. In this article we explain the difference and how to best use each type of substrate.

Peat, the supreme substrate raw material

The main raw material in Kekkilä Professional substrates is first-rate White or Brown Sphagnum peat which is harvested from our own bogs. This article covers the main advantages of peat in substrates.