Why we declare pH and EC in 1+5

The pH measures how alkaline or acid the substrate is, while the EC level tells the level of dissolved salts, thus indicating the availability of nutrients. There are many different methods for measuring pH and EC. Each method implies what liquid and how much of it is used to dilute a certain amount of the substrate. This means that each method can give a different result for the same substrate. It is important that we know the method in question when we talk about specific values.

The diversification of methods, by laboratory and country, used to create confusion in the interpretation of results in the European Union. To facilitate trade and to clear confusion the CEN (European Committee for Standardization) Technical Committee 223 Soil improvers and growing media has published standards for the determination of pH (EN 13037:2011) and EC (EN 13038:2011) in a suspension of soil improvers or growing media.

As Kekkilä is a Finnish company we are under the regulations of the European Union. That is why we declare the pH and EC values using the European standard method of 1+5 – dilution of 1 volume of substrate into 5 volumes of distilled water.