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How to save time when growing strawberries in a container

October 4, 2021

Instructing the workers and filling the pots manually is very time-consuming in the springtime. Growers may also find assessing the amount of growing media they need challenging and not very cost-effective.

Kekkilä Professional’s new Container Board is a customised product for growing strawberries in a container. The Container Board was developed out of the familiar Natural Control board to help growers save time in the spring and more easily scale the amount of growing media.

The pressed board is made of coarse peat and moss and cut to fit the most common 100 cm containers. The board is expanded for cultivation using drip or trickle irrigation.

  • The Container Board is placed on the bottom of the container and expanded with liquid fertiliser using drip or trickle irrigation.
  • The containers can be filled and the growing media expanded directly in the cultivation spot.
  • The young plant can be planted in the containers directly in the cultivation spot once the growing media has absorbed moisture and filled the container.
  • The pre-limed Container Board enables variety-specific basic fertilisation during expansion.

Learn more about our Container Board here!

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