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How to use Kekkilä Professional Grow Boards

March 2, 2021

In this article and demonstration video we show you how to take Kekkilä Professional’s pressed growing media for strawberries and raspberries into use. Learn all about the benefits of these easy to handle growing media.

Our Grow Boards are composed of coarse peat, moss and cotton grass fiber. The peat and moss have a high water and nutrient holding capacity, while the cotton grass fibre adds porosity. This ensures you of good drainage. Over all this substrate offers a coarse and airy structure, which is important to support root development in these crops.

Container board: Easy and quick to take into use

This strawberry grow board is very easy to use. You simply put it into the container and add your irrigation solution to make the compressed boards expand.

This expansion-process takes some time. We recommend you to do the expansion the day before you plan on planting.

1. Place the board into the container

Kekkilä Professional grow boards have one smooth and one rough side. Place the board into the container with the smooth side facing up. That side of the board absorbs more water during the first irrigation steps.

2. First irrigation

Install your drip irrigation system and provide the board with a short, 1-minute irrigation. Take a 15 minute break and repeat the 1-minute irrigation and 15-minute break two more times.

3. Second irrigation

After these short irrigation intervals you can now irrigate the board over the course of 2 hours straight. Leave the substrate to absorb and even out the moisture overnight.

4. Even out the substrate before planting

Once the moisture in the substrate has evened out, the board has filled up almost the entire container. Even out the substrate before you start planting.

Video demonstration of Grow Boards

In this video our berry expert Eija Lankinen and product manager Kari Silokangas present Kekkilä Professional’s pressed growing media. Have a look at the video to learn all benefits of Container Board for strawberries and Raspberry Block for raspberry cultivation and watch a demonstration of how to take them into use.



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