Even flow and improved drainage


Even flow and improved drainage

Kekkilä Professional launches a new product portfolio - Kekkilä FLOW. Creating Kekkilä FLOW, we have improved the structure of our premium peat with high-quality wood fibre to create a modern product portfolio for nursery stock, ornamental and pot plants.

The Kekkilä FLOW product portfolio consists of high quality substrates for various plants and pot sizes. The coarseness of the product portfolio varies from medium SafeFLOW substrates to medium-coarse EasyFLOW solutions and coarse SteadyFLOW products.




Optimum rooting and air-capacity throughout the substrate

In Kekkilä FLOW the liquids and gases move steadily and continuously throughout the substrate.

The improved structure of the Kekkilä FLOW substrates provides good aeration, promotes fast water absorption and enables quick root penetration. The Kekkilä FLOW substrates have high structural stability. They remain loose and permeable which improves aeration. Thus, enabling ideal root development which is the basis for optimum growth and healthy plants.

We have improved the re-wettability and water in-take of our substrates in the Kekkilä FLOW products. The improved structure promotes the formation and growth of roots. Our premium peat gives the substrate the ability to hold water, thus preventing sudden drought. The high cation exchange capacity of peat means the substrate holds nutrients.

Avoid water-logging and secure root health!

The improved drainage of Kekkilä FLOW products enables water dispersion when there is excess water. Therefore, the substrate prevents water logging and the subsequent lack of oxygen.

Crops with sensitive roots such as poinsettia, surfinia, lavandula and cyclamen are sensitive to overly wet conditions which cause most of their diseases. Thus, they benefit from Kekkilä FLOW substrates’ air-filled porosity and subsequently improved drainage.

Thanks to the improved drainage Kekkilä FLOW products are ideal for plants that are grown outside where the amount of water cannot be controlled.


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