Peat used in our products


The main raw material of Kekkilä Professional substrates is first-rate White or Brown Sphagnum peat.

The basic ingredient in the Kekkilä substrates is either White or Brown Sphagnum peat. The peat comes from our own bogs and thanks to the Kekkilä production methods, contains naturally occurring biological active agents.

Peat consists of 95 % organic material. It is a mixture of decomposed plant material that has accumulated in a water-saturated environment without oxygen. Sphagnum peat therefore, mainly contains decomposed Sphagnum moss.

As a substrate constituent peat is superior to any other material when it comes to performance. Because of its ability to hold water and nutrients, it saves fertilisers and water. Due to its special structure it provides roots with air. Peat is naturally free of human and plant pathogens and contains beneficial microbes which help to prevent fungal diseases. The naturally occurring humic acids stimulate root growth. As it is an organic material it is also compostable and does not produce unwanted waste. Moreover, it is widely available in the Nordic environment.