Vegetables, Fruit and Herbs


Kekkilä Professional is a trusted supplier of peat-based substrates for growing a wide variety of vegetables, fruit and herbs as well as different berries.

With our products food production is safe and easy to control. The product portfolio consists of high quality substrates and grow boards. Using Kekkilä grow boards, production does not require energy-consuming technology whilst also saving water and nutrients.

Kekkilä substrates for vegetables, fruit and herbs are globally used for the successful production of different plants in hydroponic systems. These hydroponic substrates have been designed for temperate climates and growing under artificial light.

Substrates for vegetables, fruit and herbs

Natural Control

The Kekkilä Natural Control grow boards boards, are a sustainable choice for your vegetables and strawberries; production does not require energy-consuming technology and they save water and nutrients when growing.

The Natural Control grow boards also prevent the leaching of nutrients into the surrounding environment. The boards can safely be dried out to steer the growth as desired. The boards are economical to transport due to their compressed size and light weight. After growth, the used boards can subsequently be used as a soil improvement by mixing this nutrient-rich material with existing soil. The hydroponic substrates are most suitable for use in temperate climates and for use with artificial light.

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Kekkilä VHM

The VHM range is a high-quality peat substrate range suitable for lettuce and herbs grown in pots.

This product range is made using Sphagnum peat and it has a dust-reduced structure with very uniform filling properties, therefore filters require cleaning less often.

Kekkilä FBM

The FBM range is a high-quality range for growing various fruit and berries in trays, pots and containers.

The products are made of high-quality Sphagnum peat. The physical properties of the coarser mixes may be adjusted with optional constituents e.g. perlite or coco. The range also includes products in the Young Plants and Seedlings segment.


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