Nordic raw materials which are clean, pure and responsible

The success of our company is directly related to the health and longevity of the environment which surrounds us and in which we operate. Therefore, it is important to us that we conduct our business in responsible and sustainable manner. The production of Kekkilä Professional substrates is run according to ISO 9001 quality and ISO 14001 environmental standards ensuring the highest standards for our products, workplaces, factories and the surrounding environment.

The environment is of great importance to us. It means that we control both environmental care and quality. We recognise the environmental impacts of our activities and are committed to the highest environmental practices. Kekkilä does not apply for production licenses on bogs which have been classified as having significant natural value or Areas of Special Scientific Interest. This is also followed up yearly in independent ISO 9001 and 14001 external audits.

In Finland we are under the strictest environmental legislation and follow the rules by making environmental investments every year. All the peat production is controlled by the local authorities and is carried out according to the local legislation and permissions. An environmental permit stipulates the treatment method to be applied to the drainage water from peat production sites and also refers to its maintenance and monitoring. Peat production is never allowed in a protected area. Besides this, a peat production permit is not possible for areas where the production can have an effect on a protected site nearby. In conclusion, we do not produce or market any peat products coming from sites or areas where permission is not given.


Peatland restoration and conservation of biodiversity

We value peatland restoration and the conservation of biodiversity. That’s why we lead a number of initiatives of re-wetting and restoring previously used land.

After peat production has come to an end on a bog, the land is still valuable. The land can be further used for forestry, agriculture or recreation. Alternatively the land can be turned into a wetland with rehabilitation of the peatland ecosystem.

The Sammalistonsuo mire is an excellent example where Kekkilä is committed to rewetting and restoring the land in order to build a resting and nesting place for birds. Kekkilä received the Environment Act of the Year award by the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation (FANC) for the Sammalistonsuo mire in 2015.


Responsible peat production

We care for the environment and are committed to the principals of sustainable peat production.

We support the development of Responsibly Produced Peat certificate, and we follow the Sustainability Roadmap of Growing Media Europe.