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Kekkilä Professional launches new packaging for professional growing

February 10, 2021

Vantaa, Finland, 10 February, 2021 – Kekkilä Professional is introducing a new compressed growing media package that delivers easier product handling and logistics with improved work safety and sustainability.

Kekkilä Professional Smart Package

The new Smart Package, designed for growers all over the world, weighs only 24-30 kg depending on the product inside, making it safe and easy for one person to carry and handle it manually.

The Smart Package has more compact dimensions than loose packages, meaning that 45 of the new packages can fit onto a single pallet. This optimizes the amount of product per pallet and the amount of product that fits into a 40-foot container.

With this new package, Kekkilä Professional continues its commitment to improving sustainability in packaging. The new Smart Package is partly made of recyclable plastic, and the compressed package also means less plastic is used.

To bring up to 70% more volume compared with a loose package of the same size, the contents of a Smart Package needs to be loosened up before use by adding water for optimal moisture and expansion.

Kekkilä Professional looks forward to shipping this new Smart Package by mid-February 2021 and is already taking orders.

For more information, please contact your closest Kekkilä Professional distributor.