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We offer a wide range of products from peat substrates to fertilisers. Our vast product portfolio has growing solutions for the entire lifecycle the plant from the propagation of seedlings and cuttings, to transplanting young plants, and growing adult plants in pots or grow boards. You'll be sure to find the optimum solution for your specific plant, growing phase, and method.

From caring for seedlings and cuttings to growing berries in tunnels to managing the most high-tech hydroponic systems, our customers are all different with different needs. What they have in common is their confidence that they can rely on our expertise to help them achieve unifrom growth and a premium harvest.

Our advanced know-how in plant nutrition helps to ensure optimal nutrient availability for your plants. In addition to our unique range of starter fertilisers, we have a range of water-soluble fertilisers.


Young Plants and Seedlings

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Forest Nurseries

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Substrates and fertilisers for optimal growth

Peat is the most commonly used material in professional soilless horticulture because of its optimal physical, chemical and biological characteristics. Peat is the optimum raw material for substrates because it retains moisture and nutrients. In addition, the natrually low pH and EC levels of peat make it easily adjustable.We make our peat based substrates from high-quality Sphagnum peat harvested from our own bogs. Because we control the whole production chain from bog to bag, we can be sure our products meet our high-quality standards. We use peat because it provides an organic, germ-free and secure base for growing.