Forest Nurseries

Best germination, growth and quality of forest transplants

Kekkilä Professional products for forest nurseries provide the best results from initial filling of trays to germination, growth and quality of the transplants.

Kekkilä Professional is the leading supplier of growing solutions to the forest nursery business in the Nordics. In Finland, more than 90 % of young plants in forest nurseries are grown in Kekkilä substrates.

The product portfolio consists of high quality substrates screened to dust reduced medium-fine grade. The substrates have high air capacity and seamless tray and pot filling properties.

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Substrates for forest nurseries

Kekkilä FPM 420

The FPM 420 range is made of Sphagnum peat screened into medium-fine grade.

The homogeneous structure of the substrate facilitates seamless tray filling. Our method of reducing the finest particles provides airy structure of the substrate until the end of growing period. These properties ensure uniform germination, growth and quality of the transplants.  Lower pH level is suitable for most common spruce and pine varieties. The FPM 420 range includes options with and without starter fertiliser as well as with added humic acid.

For more detailed info about Kekkilä Professional products please contact your local supplier.