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Why sharing knowledge in the workplace is the key to success

November 29, 2023

As you might be able to tell from our Connected for Growth Summits, our technical training webinars, the Growing Tips & Advice articles on our website, and all the e-learning content in MyProfessional: we’re all about sharing knowledge. Let’s have a look at why sharing knowledge is important, and why we urge you to do the same!

Sharing knowledge strengthens relationships

By exchanging knowledge and ideas with customers and colleagues, you strengthen your connection. Learning and growing together creates stronger bonds, and increases trust. Being able to adequately support your customers, as a team, is beneficial for that customer relationship as well as the relationships within your company.

So, now we know what it means for a team to share knowledge. Let’s have a look at the benefits of sharing knowledge on a more individual level.

Grow and flourish

Just like the use of the right substrate, knowledge boosts performance and helps you grow stronger. The only difference is that now we’re not talking about crops but about your most precious professional resource: us humans!

Learning new things in our jobs helps us keep happy, healthy and satisfied. It can even give us a sense of purpose and help us gain recognition for the hard work we put in. By allowing your entire team to learn and develop, you increase employee satisfaction and team spirit.

Phases of learning

Now, let’s have a look at a well-known educational theory, that is very fittingly named, Bloom’s taxonomy. According to that theory, knowledge is acquired throughout six different learning stages. The following stages of learning are defined:

  1. Remembering
  2. Understanding
  3. Applying knowledge
  4. Analysing
  5. Evaluating
  6. Creating

Our MyProfessional platform and the articles on the website guide you through the first two steps of learning, while our technical training sessions take you through steps 3-5. However, that final step in learning can only be done by yourself. By sharing the knowledge that you gain from all our resources, combined with all practical situations you find yourself in, you can create resources for your peers to help them perform better and learn too. That really is at the heart of sharing knowledge and helps you gain new insights over and over again.

Save money, share knowledge!

By freely and openly exchanging knowledge internally you can save money on training and retain know-how within the company – even when someone decides to leave.

By building collective knowledge within your company, you can lift the performance of employees by giving them better tools to do their jobs. This allows you to streamline internal processes, and increase effectivity and consistency of your service level by making your workforce stronger in case of holidays or unexpected sick leave. It will help you offer reliable and consistent support to growers, as their success is no longer dependent on one individual at your company, but can be supported by a whole team!

With our resources being available 24/7, all employees should have equal access to information. They don’t have to wait for the return or availability of an employee with specific knowledge, but they can easily access resources themselves and perform better and more efficiently.

Caring is sharing!

So don’t hog all these precious learnings in the MyProfessional platform but open it up to your colleagues! Share it, let it grow and develop and strengthen the roots of your company. Help others develop and grow, and yield the sweet fruits of your success together.