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Products for growing organic young plants

December 3, 2018

Organic production is a growing trend and it is said to increase its importance to consumers. People are more interested in the origins of food and how it has been produced. Environmentally friendly production methods are preferred and so people look for certified organic products.

Kekkilä Professional offers optimized products for growing organic young plants. The Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) is a non-profit organization which serves the organic community and the public by verifying inputs, such as fertilizers and other products intended for use in producing certified organic food or fibre. Products that meet the USDA organic regulations (National Organic Program, NOP) are listed in the OMRI Products List©. OMRI is a voluntary program which reviews independently and thoroughly manufacturers products to assure compliance with the organic standards. OMRI reviews the ingredients as well as the manufacturing process to ensure that OMRI Listed products are made without prohibited substances.

Our products Kekkilä C0 R8396 and Kekkilä DSM 0 R0610 and certificates of their OMRI listing can be found from OMRI’s website

These products are suitable for organic young plant production. Both are unfertilised but limed to pH 5,9 (1+5, EN 13037 method) so they suit most crops. Kekkilä C0 R8396 has high porosity as it is made of white Sphagnum peat and screened to fine grade. Kekkilä DSM 0 R0610 is made of brown Sphagnum peat and screened to fine grade. Both are typically used for production of vegetable, herb and ornamental young plants in plugs and trays up to 5 cm. They are also suitable for Ellepot systems.

Have a look at our Young plant and seedlings page to find out more about our products for growing organic young plants.