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Join us in building a greener future with EcoBoost!

Welcome to a greener revolution in cultivation! Discover the power of EcoBoost, our innovative range of sustainable substrates across all product categories – ornamentals, soft fruits, tree nurseries, forest nurseries , vegetables and leafy greens. With EcoBoost, you're not just nurturing plants; you're nurturing sustainability. Elevate your harvest's potential while treading lightly on the planet. Join us in cultivating a future that's as vibrant as it is eco-conscious.

A boost towards more ecological cultivation

Kekkilä EcoBoost portfolio is a step towards environmentally friendly cultivation without compromising plant growth and quality. The EcoBoost substrates are composed of 50% alternative materials for optimal plant growth. These alternative raw materials are coarse wood fiber and sphagnum moss which together provide balanced air and moisture levels. This means that irrigating your plants is as easy and safe as with our traditional products.

EcoBoost in a nutshell:

  • Successfully tested by Finnish growers
  • 50% alternative raw materials while maintaining exceptional performance.
  • Balances air, water, and nutrient retention for optimal plant growth
  • Seamlessly integrates into existing cultivation practices
  • Compatible with industry-standard machinery
  • Water and fertilize just like with our traditional substrates.

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Product information coming soon!

Products information for products for leafy greens, soft fruits, forest nurseries, ornamentals and tree nurseries coming soon!