Practical tips for draining in tunnels

When growing soft fruits in tunnels, you can use draining to control the EC-level or to balance the moisture conditions within the tunnel. Watch this video to get some practical tips on how it's done.

Lettuce propagation made easy

Lettuce is one of the most important and widely produced leafy greens in the world. Lettuce can be a challenging crop to successfully produce when you're not aware of its exact needs. With this article, we aim to bring some knowledge and practical tips to you.

How to measure EC and pH

By frequently measuring the EC and pH levels during cultivation growers can avoid unpleasant surprises. With knowledge comes the ability to steer and control your crop.

Uneven growth due to long storage

Are you seeing uneven germination and growth in your young plants? There’s a chance that this has to do with inconsistent fertiliser levels within the substrate mixture.

Nutrients for young plants

Nutrition is an important topic for anything that grows. For the propagation of young plants, it obviously is of vital importance to get solid growth and strong seedlings.

Wetting agents in substrates

With this article, we'll have a look at the use of wetting agents in growing media. How are they used? Why do people add them? And what purpose do they serve?

Uneven germination & growth: uniformity issues

Are you experiencing some uniformity issues with your seedlings? Are they germinating unevenly, or are some young plants growing faster than others? Inadequate preparation of your substrate before filling your trays might be at the root of this problem.