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Distributor stories: Back in China

December 6, 2023

We’re back with mister Shen Yanze at our Yunnan distributor in China. Qixin Yunzhi Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd focuses on ornamental growers and offers them everything they need to succeed. Click here if you missed the first part of this interview.

Before Mister Yanze set out to start Qixin, he had already been active in the floricultural industry for years. This allows him to not only pay close attention to product sales but also to the technology behind these products. “What Qixin and Kekkilä Professional bring to local growers is not just a cutting-edge product, but an opportunity to grow crops more efficiently, safely and sustainably,” he adds.

Qixin stays close to the growers

Qixin makes return visits to growers after the products are sold to understand the practical problems they face and to provide technical support. “Many growers have given positive feedback on the products, especially recognising the stability and consistency of Kekkilä Professional’s products. That’s also one of the main reasons why we at Qixin import these substrates for our business. It’s all about the high quality and production standard.” Mister Yanze explains. He adds that he values that in order to ensure that growers receive high-quality products, Kekkilä Professional’s producers conduct strict screening of raw materials. He also sees value in adhering to the pre-mixing treatment of raw materials and the implementation of standardised production and quality testing. Mister Yanze also says that during the years of cooperation with Kekkilä Professional, there have never been any root burning problems, and the pH and EC have been stable for a long period.

In addition, mister Yanze shares that he was very pleasantly surprised that even during the pandemic when the import business was severely affected, the supply chain of Kekkilä Professional substrate products was always as reliable and timely as usual.

Substrate from Kekkilä Professional at a Chinese distributor

Strong support

Qixin has always considered its company’s accumulated experience and knowledge to be the biggest selling point towards growers. “Therefore, I see great importance in the ability of the Kekkilä Professional brand to provide technical explanations and support.” mister Yanze adds.

After three years of cooperation, he also expresses his gratitude for always providing stable products and sincere service, and for working with him to overcome any difficulties together. After a long period of travelling limitations, last spring our regional manager was finally able to travel to Yunnan to visit Mister Yanze’s company.  Together they visited several growers in the area, using Kekkilä Professional substrates. Thanks to the growers’ hard work, our high-quality products, and Mister Yanze’s practical support, they found themselves in vast fields of beautiful flowers. Everyone was delighted to see the flowers blossoming before their eyes.

The future of our partnership

When talking about the perspectives for future cooperation, mister Yanze is very much looking forward to our innovative products and continuous technical support. “I hope and expect Kekkilä Professional to continue to provide more comprehensive technical guidance so that every end customer can have a smooth cultivation process,” he explains.

Last year, we launched a quiz game to test grower’s knowledge in a fun way, and we launched our first webinar to explain substrate knowledge live for a Chinese audience. In the future, Kekkilä Professional will continue to bring more meaningful knowledge-sharing activities to distributors and growers in Asia.

Grow with confidence has always been our motto. We expect to spread our fertile substrate to all corners of the world. Also in the high mountains and river valleys of Yunnan; we expect each plant to grow healthy and strong, bringing green to the world and profit to the growers. We expect to work hand in hand with distributors and growers and enjoy growing and harvesting together.

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