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Sharing technical knowledge for crop success

December 13, 2023

Last October, in Saquisilí, in the province of Cotopaxi, approximately 30 small producers of summer flowers immersed themselves in a unique experience: a technical training session provided by Agro100.  Agro100 is our local partner in Ecuador. The producers that attended the training session are loyal users of Kekkilä Professional’s high-quality products for seed germination. Thanks to our products and the strong support and advice from Agro100 they have obtained extraordinary results. 

Part of the training covered the use of peat in our growing media. Both background topics like its origin and the harvesting processes, as well as the properties of peat in a substrate mix, were discussed. The art of how to get the best out of the substrates was also addressed. Participants dove into questions like: 

  • How to flawlessly fill seedling trays
  • How to make a difference by using the right irrigation strategy

In addition, growers shared experiences and discussed the challenges they encountered in practice. All these questions found answers, backed by over 13 years of Kekkilä Professional’s experience in Ecuador. 

In this technical session, we not only shared knowledge but also unveiled the most precious advice forged in the reality of Ecuadorian floral fields. Producers learned a lot during this training. Additionally, they got exposed to proven strategies and valuable tips, thanks to the accumulated experience of Agro100 and Kekkilä Professional. 

Training session by a Kekkilä Professional distributor in Ecuador

Therefore, armed with practical information and valuable tools provided by our partners, Ecuadorian producers have the confidence needed to see their crops bloom. This event was not just a training session; it was a secure step towards the continuous and successful germination of the flowers that beautify our Ecuador. 

Find a distributor in your area if you’re interested in attending a technical training session alike!

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