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Kekkilä Professional develops and produces high-quality growing solutions for professional growers. We are experts in high-quality substrates and fertilisers developed for optimal growth. Our products yield optimal, unifrom results in over 70 countries worldwide.

First-rate raw materials are the heart of all Kekkilä Professional products. Our substrates are made of carefully selected, first-class sphagnum peat harvested from our own bogs. We are one of the best producers of professional substrates and offer a wide selection of products for all types of plants and growing conditions.

We know what makes plants grow best. You know your business. That’s why we develop our products in cooperation with our customers. Together we grow stronger.

News 31.5.2018

Soft fruits are increasingly grown in tunnels

The advantages of tunnel growing of soft fruits such as strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries include a longer growing season and an earlier harvest which is of a higher quality and timed precisely by the grower.

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News 19.4.2018

Kekkilä Professional in the center of Vapo group´s new strategy

We are glad to announce that the positive development in Kekkilä Professional has put it in the center of our owner’s new strategy.

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