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A greener future through innovative substrates

September 13, 2023
The search for a sustainable future in the horticultural industry is a global one. All over the world, our distributors are helping growers find more sustainable solutions and approaches to cultivation, and the need for knowledge on this topic grows. As distributors and professional growers of diverse crops—from strawberries and lettuce to ornamental plants, shrubs, and medicinal herbs—you are at the forefront of this green revolution. We notice that the question is no longer whether to adopt sustainable practices, but how to do so effectively and efficiently. Our commitment to sustainability is global, but the impact is local. We are proud to serve professional growers around the world, each contributing to a greener, more sustainable future in their communities. Our growing media are not only designed to be environmentally friendly but also to adapt to various climatic conditions, ensuring that you can maintain high yields regardless of your geographical location.

Introduction of new products

Stay in touch with your distributor if you’re interested in trying more sustainable alternative substrates. A good example of would be the introduction of our new EcoBoost product portfolio. Recently we’ve launched this portfolio at local events in the Nordics, where it was met with great enthousiasm. Especially the fact that the portfolio contains 50% alternative raw materials (wood fibre and sphagnum) combined with the high performance that our growers are familiar with intrigued the audience.  
However alternative substrates often come with the need for alternative growing methods, the only change our EcoBoost product line requires is a higher irrigation frequency at the start of cultivation.
Now, let’s return to the industry trends and look at ways to improve our shared environmental footprint.

Task-appropriate substrates

We at Kekkilä-BVB are convinced that the best way to be environmentally friendly is by using the right substrate for the right situations. An optimal growing media mix needs to adequately support the local climate and the crop’s needs. It needs to use resources like water and nutrients as efficiently as possible while allowing the grower to have full control over the growth of their crop.

This is also the reason that our local distributors carry local products that our experts have designed for local situations. We offer various crop-specific, and situation-specific substrates to make cultivation as efficient and easy as possible. Kekkilä-BVB’s Research and Development team is continuously working on ways to improve this even further. One of the things they do is test the suitability of possible new raw materials.

Why we need to introduce new raw materials

Traditional growing media like peat have served the industry well for years, offering reliable and effective solutions for various crops. However, as the demand for substrates continues to rise, the industry faces the challenge of limited availability of these existing raw materials. When our company finds a possibly interesting new type of material, it’s carefully evaluated. It needs to be available in the right quantities, we need to be able to rely on a constant quality and, most importantly, it must add the right properties for successful cultivation. After extensive testing in lab environments, it’s time to see how it works together with other raw materials and what growing results we can get. The final steps include extensive testing through trials with growers. After closely monitoring performance, and multiple rounds of improvement and fine-tuning, a new growing media blend is born!

Green alternatives

Our product portfolio includes more and more greener alternatives for existing substrates. With the incorporation of alternative raw materials like wood fibre and sphagnum moss, we allow growers to meet their local market’s demands. Our experts are working hard to find optimal substrates that combine all the properties we need high crop performance, good sustainability scores, and easy use.

You’ll be seeing more and more products like EcoBoost becoming available in your local market over the coming months and years.

Sustainability truly is at the heart of the future of the horticultural industry. As we continue to develop new and improved growing media, we invite you to join us in making a lasting, positive impact on our planet. Together, we can cultivate not just healthier plants but a healthier world.

For more information on our range of sustainable growing media solutions, please reach out to your local distributor. We are here to support you in your journey towards a greener future!