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How long is the starter fertiliser effective?

December 14, 2018

We add our own starter fertiliser to Kekkilä Professional substrates to secure the basic nutrient levels. It is very important to compensate the nutrients that plants take from the substrate. The plants’ needs vary depending on plant type and species, pot size, irrigation and local conditions such as season and climate.

Peat substrates are fresh products and contain naturally occurring harmless, beneficial microbes. They may consume the added nutrients, especially nitrogen (N), during storage and transportation. Thus, we strongly recommend to add liquid N-fertiliser when taking the substrate into use. Please note, that ammonium nitrogen can lower the pH of the substrate, especially in substrates with a pH of 5 and below.

We recommend to change to a stronger fertiliser solution, when plants have thoroughly rooted. When re-potting well rooted young plants, they are in full growth and require fertigation to keep up the good growth.

Our starter fertilisers have a unique composition compared to traditional base fertilisers. Unlike in traditional base fertilisers, in our starter fertilisers, all metallic micronutrients are added in EDTA chelated form. Therefore, they work for a wide range of plants in different pH conditions and the micronutrients are available when using soft or hard alkaline water.

Note, that peat products containing controlled release fertiliser should be taken into cultivation within two weeks from manufacturing.