BIOS product line: bio-stimulants in substrate

Our substrates of the BIOS product portfolio contain bio-stimulants that boost the life within substrates. This strengthens your plant's natural defence systems and stimulates vigour and growth. Read this article to learn how bio-stimulants work and their main benefits.

Measuring the conductivity and pH of growing media

The nutrient level of the plant is monitored by measuring the electrical conductivity (EC) of the liquid fertiliser in the growing media. There are many ways to measure the conductivity and nutrient level, and the results of different methods and instruments may vary greatly.

How to use Kekkilä Professional Grow Boards

In this article and demonstration video we show you how to take Kekkilä Professional's pressed growing media for strawberries and raspberries into use. Learn all about the benefits of these easy to handle growing media.

How Wood Fibre substrates make your life easier

In this article we have a look at one of our raw materials; Wood Fibre. The material comes from renewable European sources and brings great things to you through our wood fibre substrates.

How to get rid of weeds in your greenhouse?

In this edition of the Growing tips and Advice we will cover a common issue in cultivation: weeds. First, we'll describe what makes a plant a weed. Secondly we'll cover what the presence of weeds can mean for you cultivation. And finally, we'll talk about ways to fight weeds in your greenhouse.

What are weeds?

This is the first part of our multiple-article story about weeds. In this article we will cover the basis of weeds. What types of weeds are there and how could they end up at your growing sites? In the second article that will be published in a couple of weeks, you will read more about measures you can take yourself to prevent and manage the spread of weeds at your sites.

All plant nutrients are essential for optimal growth

All plant need multiple types of nutrients to grow. However, they do not need equal amounts of the different nutrients. In this article we cover different types of nutrients and the importance of these nutrients to optimal plant growth.

Soilless Soft Fruits growing more popular than ever

Soft Fruits such as strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries are increasingly grown in containers instead of open soil. The advantages of soilless growing in tunnels include a longer growing season and an earlier harvest which is of a higher quality. Growers can precisely time the harvest this way.