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Kekkilä Professional Blocking Mixes

May 16, 2023

Blocking substrates are used to grow young plants by compressing black peat with a press block machine to create small solid blocks. These blocks provide young plants with an excellent rooting environment, benefiting development and crop health. Blocking substrate can be used for a broad variety of plants such as leafy greens like lettuce and cabbage or even herbs, and some vegetables and ornamental plants.

In addition to these more traditional blocking substrates, we now also offer blocking mixes with wood fibre in them. The wood fibre added to the mix to achieves a stronger structure and a higher air content.

Proven quality

As we want to guarantee growers of an excellent product, we have thoroughly tested our blocking substrates in both lab settings and real growing sites. Over the past years we’ve been developing and improving our blocking substrates at multiple high-tech growing sites in the Netherlands. As a result, we can ensure proper crop growth in our Kekkilä Professional Blocking Mixes.

We have also trialled and tested our blocking mixes with wood fibre at one of the biggest nurseries in the Netherlands and have seen excellent results.

The advantages of using high-quality blocking mixes

The properties of our Kekkilä Blocking Mixes create optimal conditions for the germination of seeds. It also offers an ideal environment for young plant roots to develop.

When a grower uses high-quality blocking mixes by Kekkilä Professional, they don’t only give their young plants a better start. Growers are also able to use their substrate more efficiently compared to using loose substrate for their crops. As blocking mixes allow growers to grow a higher number of young plants for every cubic meter of substrate, creating pressed blocks can be highly efficient.

Additionally, the blocks that are created by compressing the blocking substrate do not require a container. This means that growers can reduce their use of plastics, as trays and pots are no longer needed.

Finally, the ease of use of these blocking mixes is also worth mentioning. The unique composition of our products offers excellent strength and cohesion of the created blocks. This means that the young plants are easy to handle, as the blocks will not easily fall apart or crumble when growers work with them.