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Our packages benefit quality

July 4, 2023

The way we package our Kekkilä Professional mixes is vital to maintaining the quality of our product. We do this by tuning our packaging types and methods to the needs of our products. The materials we use are carefully considered and stored in a way that they keep free of contaminations. In addition, it goes without saying that Kekkilä-BVB takes sustainability into account when selecting these packaging materials for Kekkilä Professional products as well. 

The methods used when packaging the substrates in turn benefit the preservation of the materials. As peat-based growing media contain beneficial microbes, these microbes must be influenced in the right way when the substrate is packaged. That way we can make sure that the beneficial qualities do not go to waste during transport.  

How do we preserve our microbial helpers?

Whenever we wrap one of our substrates into our well-known yellow packaging foil, we create a specific environment for our microbes. We do this by making sure that the oxygen level is low. This way the microbes slow down their processes, saving the best for when the substrate is taken into use.

When you unwrap the substrate at your nursery, you reset these parameters and the microbes can get to work again. To get the most out of the substrate it’s crucial that you prepare it for use correctly. Check out this article to learn exactly how to do that.