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Stretching roots and empty spots: filling the pots

June 8, 2022

Incorrect preparation of your substrate before filling your trays and pots can cause issues in a later stage. In this article we go over some examples of these issues.

Do you find your young plants looking like this? Are the plant roots stretching?  Are there empty spots in the plugs?  

Issues in growing young plants, gaps in roots

This can happen when the substrate has not been uniform. To ensure even filling of the trays it is important to properly mix and loosen the compressed substrate in advance. 

Here you can find our video instructions on how to properly take compressed growing media into use by breaking and mixing while adding water. 

 For the growth and development of seedlings, it is especially important that there are no big lumps or dry spots when filling the trays. When the substrate is uniform both in structure and moisture the cells will be filled evenly and there will be a good balance of structure, air, and water for the plant roots to develop. Read more about uniformity in this related article. 

 By carefully preparing your substrate for use, you will have your young plants looking like this in no time.  And you can say goodbye to those stretching roots and empty spaces!

Good root development in Kekkilä Professional