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Kekkilä Professional Distributors

June 16, 2022

How we support our distributors

Although we expect all distributors of Kekkilä Professional products to support all growers that want to use our products, we don’t expect them to do this all by themselves.

One of the ways we support our distributors is by sharing our Growing tips & Advice through our website and social media accounts. This way we want to educate both distributors and growers and offer distributors an easy way to share knowledge too. We offer this information in an accessible way in three main languages: English, Spanish and Finnish.

In addition to that we aid distributors with personal support from our Technical Advisors and supply them with product catalogs and leaflets through our My Professional portal. By using our Kekkilä-BVB Publisher tool distributors can easily localize these materials by translating them into any language they need, without having to worry about the design.

Technical training sessions

Another part of our My Professional portal for distributors is the opportunity to follow online training sessions to strengthen knowledge on new innovations within the horticultural industry and Kekkilä Professional’s product line.

In addition to that we regularly organize live webinars to offer distributors a chance to interact with others and ask questions directly.

And finally we love to offer our top-distributors that are willing to learn something extra. That’s why we organize events to bring excelling distributors together and to discuss with them. We find out what they need from us to offer even better support to growers and enable them to learn from each other.