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The Kekkilä-BVB transaction entered into effect on 4 January 2019

January 4, 2019

On 9 October 2018, Vapo Oy announced that Vapo’s Grow and Care division and the Dutch company BVB Substrates B.V. will combine to form Kekkilä-BVB Oy, Europe’s leading and most versatile company in the market for professional growers and home gardeners. The combination was carried out by establishing a new company, Kekkilä-BVB Oy, to which Vapo Oy transferred all Kekkilä Oy shares and the Dutch company Nielson Belegging en Beheer B.B. all BVB Substrates B.V. shares. The transaction has been completed today, 4 January 2019.

Vapo Oy owns 70% of Kekkilä-BVB Oy’s shares and Nielson Belegging en Beheer B.V., the previous owner of BVB Substrates B.V., owns the remaining 30%. The newly established company’s domicile is Vantaa, Finland. At the General Meeting of Kekkilä-BVB Oy held today, Mart van Buuren, Peter Jan Kuiper, Petri Järvinen, Jarmo Santala and Vesa Tempakka were elected to the company’s Board of Directors. At its organising meeting, the Board of Directors elected Vapo Oy’s CEO Vesa Tempakka as its Chairman.

The Board of Directors of Kekkilä-BVB Oy appointed Juha Mäkinen as the CEO of Kekkilä-BVB Oy. He will also continue as the Director of Vapo’s Grow&Care division. Kekkilä-BVB Oy’s business organisation was confirmed in conjunction with the appointment.

The business operations of Kekkilä-BVB Oy are divided into three areas. The professional grower business will be led by Guido Linders, who was previously the Commercial Director of BVB Substrates. The consumer and landscaping business will be led by Tiia Kujanpää, who was previously in charge of the Kekkilä Professional business. The business operations focused on procurement, raw material management, recycling solutions and bedding peat will be led by Jaco Dijkshoorn, who was previously the Materials Director of BVB Substrates.

Peter Jan Kuiper, the former CEO of BVB Substrates, will be in charge as CFO of finance, ICT and human resources. Nina Kinnunen, the former Brand and Communications Director of Kekkilä Group, will be in charge of brand and communications.

More information:
Vesa Tempakka, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Kekkilä-BVB Oy
Tel. +358 (0)400 726 727

Juha Mäkinen, CEO, Kekkilä-BVB Oy
Tel. +358 (0)400 464 549