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Tree Nursery novelties launched at IPM Essen

January 20, 2023

New specialised substrates for tree nursery growers are launched at our stand at IPM Essen. While increasing diversity in our portfolio, we would like to start offering growers new, easy to use substrates to help them get fit for the future.

High drainage & strong structure for medium and large pots

With the new OPM 540S W L2 RA460 tree nursery growers get everything they need to deal with heavy rainfall in outdoor situations. We have removed the finest particles of this coarse product to secure good drainage and air capacity. If you want to achieve excellent roots and strong growth in medium and large pots, then choose OPM 540S W L2 RA460!

Improved performance with alternative raw materials

If you’re looking for a tree nursery substrate that is composed of more alternative materials, OPM 540HP W RA232 is just what you need. This coarse substrate contains high-quality wood fibre, offering long-term stability and structural support for your tree nursery plants.

We have done thorough lab analysis to compare our traditional OPM 540 products with our new OPM 540HP products. Thus, we know that OPM 540HP products have:

  • Lower shrinkage (stronger particles)
  • Higher drainage
  • More air comparing to normal OPM 540 products
  • Better and faster water absorption (water distribution in pot is improved, no ‘dry pockets’)
  • Good overall air amount suitable for production of very wide group of plants in bigger pots 26-30%