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Nutrients for young plants

August 10, 2022

Nutrition is an important topic for anything that grows. For the propagation of young plants, it obviously is of vital importance to get solid growth and strong seedlings.

Let’s have a closer look at the nutrients for young plants. In this video, we show you which nutrients young plants require. It also shows the different purposes they serve.


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Plants need a variety of nutrients in different ratios to stay healthy. Some nutrients are required in bigger quantities than others.

Now, with this animation, we want to show where each type of nutrient is mainly used. Keep in mind that all of these nutrients are important for the overall health of the entire plant.
The growth potential of any plant will reduce if any of the required nutrients are not available in the right quantity.

Have a look at one of our previous articles about plant nutrients in general if you’d like to read more about this topic.

Successfully caring for your young plants

Always make sure that the following components of cultivation are specialised for young plant propagation:

  • irrigation strategy
  • nutrient composition
  • nutrient balance
  • physical properties of your growing media

The Kekkilä Professional product ranges for young plants & seedlings match these exact needs. Our substrates for young plants not only offer the long-term stability required to grow strong and healthy young plants. They are also dust-reduced. This means the porosity and airiness of the growing media stay on a good level. A high air porosity allows plant roots to develop and grow well. Have a look at our product portfolio or talk to your distributor to learn more about Kekkilä Professional growing media for young plants.

Nutrients for young plants – starter fertiliser

We also add specific levels of starter fertilisers to these substrates depending on the usage of the product. These starter fertilisers belong to the Kekkilä Starter product range used by many young plant growers globally.  Read what one of the Italian young plant growers thinks of working with Kekkilä Starter 1.


Don’t hesitate to ask your Kekkilä Professional distributor for guidance when figuring out the optimal nutrient composition for your crops.

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