Ensure optimal nutrient availability and ample yield with Kekkilä fertilisers

Our modern solutions are developed with over 90 years of experience in plant nutrition. All of the Kekkilä Professional fertilisers are high-quality and easy-to-use products designed for professional growing.

Fertigation is safe and easy to manage with the Kekkilä water soluble Superexes. In our Superexes all the nutrients are included in the same bag. The optimal nitrate and ammonium nitrogen ratio keeps the pH stable through the whole cultivation cycle.

The macronutrient levels have been optimally adjusted in all of our fertilisers. The essential micronutrients (copper, iron manganese and zinc) are added in EDTA chelated form. The chelation helps the metallic micronutrients to remain soluble and available for plants on a wider pH range. Thus our products work for a wide range of plants grown in different pH conditions. When plants are irrigated with hard water containing e.g. calcium and/or bicarbonates the pH tends to rise and uptake of micronutrients is disturbed. Chelation of the essential micronutrients helps widen the pH range where micronutrients remain soluble and therefore available for plants.

Our professional solutions for plant nutrition also include a unique range of starter fertilisers used in our substrates. They have a unique composition compared to traditional base fertilisers used in peat substrates all over the world. As in our Superexes, the metallic micronutrients of our starter fertilisers are are added in EDTA chelated form while in most of the traditional base fertilisers only iron is chelated and other micronutrients are added as salts. The relatively higher content of potassium reduces the streching of plants and the lower content of suplhur reduces the risk of dangerous, smelly gases.

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